Gamzer Games Now Available

After many hours of development, we have pulled over the classic gamzer games into our new website! This will allow many of our website lovers to be able to access and play the games that they love.  Among the games are some of the classics like 3D Swat, this allows you to immerse yourself just as if you were a SWAT team member. There are also other classic games like 3D Tanks.  Many of our users love rolling around in these tanks to show down jet planes, Humvees and tanks.

These classic games can by accessed by navigating to our games section.  This is accessible through the top menu or by clicking here.


Gamezer Forum No Longer Available

Gamezer is an exciting game that allows players to play billiards online.  It is very similar to Yahoo Pool but it allows you to play all different various of pool like 9-ball, 8-ball, snookers, pyramid, one-pocket, etc..  The game generally has a couple of different pool balls on the table with the ability to move the billiard stick and adjust the angle and power of the strike.  The game is in 3d.  There are various people from many different regions playing this game in different billiard rooms.

Because of spammers the website is no longer going to be allowing users to post within it’s pages.  This is now going to be an article base that users can use to look up additional information about the gamezer website.  This will include billiard tips and tricks, among other gaming tips.

The games section is still under construction and should be released shortly.  This will include all of the games that many of you have loved in the past, including 3D Reversi and Tank Wars.


Using Refractions

Once you start a game, on the top there are two buttons. These two buttons will show the guide and refractions of the cue ball in the game. It is a very good training tool for beginners at the game.


Below is an image of how the guide and refractions look like. The guide shows where the ball is going to hit. The refraction shows where the cue ball is going to bounce to after it hits a ball or wall.