Gamezer FAQs

Why cannot I send any messages in chat?
This feature may be temporarily blocked for you because of:
- Using obscene words (More words – longer block period)
- Abusing “Report a Complaint” feature (eg. sending something like: “…XXXZZZZCCCC…”)
- Cheating (eg. forcing users to press F5, ctrl+w or “Lobby” button)
- Spam, flood

Also you may be banned for good and will never be able to play Gamezer games.

How can I change my Profile (Icon, Flag, Nick etc.)?

- Profile

How Rating Number is calculated?

This number depends on:
- The number of unique players you played with
- The number of won games and your skill, that is the ratio Games Played/Games Won.
In other words: more unique opponents and more won games – higher Rating Number.

Why cannot I enter the game room?

- Check your firewall settings, some ports on your computer may be closed (9000…9200)
- Update Flash Player
- After that clear your browser cache and reload the game

How to start?

First of all you should be registered. Click on “Registration” button to register and login after that.
Logged users can see additional menu items:
Profile – You can change your personal data there.
Game Servers – The list of virtual game rooms. You can try to enter any of them.
If you see message “Limit of logged users exceeded…” try another one.

There are used TCP/IP ports 9000…9200 in this game.
So, make sure that your Firewall allows to establish connections on these ports.
Otherwise you will see message “Connection Closed” whenever you try to get into the game room.

I received e-mail message with attachments from Gamezer support. What is this?

Delete this message! It may be dangerous virus.

Why my password is not sent with “Remind Password”?

Free email accounts like, etc. may put these messages into “Junk E-Mail” folder.

How to unsubscribe?

Send us e-mail from your registered e-mail address with subject: “Unsubscribe me please”. Include in this message your username and password.

Why some buttons are not working?

You should install Flash Player 8. Click here to install

How to reduce “Using obscene words” number?

Every 2-3 months we reduce this number for all users.

How to invite another user to play?

Click on “arrow” button (Invite) near this user in the list.

What is “private message”?

This message will be shown only for sender (in red color) and recipient (in blue color).

How to use guide in Billiards game?

Click “Show / Hide Guide” button to show / hide the guide line. If you want to see its refraction click “Show Refraction” when guide is displayed.

What will happen if my opponent in Billiards leaves the game?

You will be winner of this game.

How to disallow others to watch my Billiards game?

Just uncheck “Allow others to watch” in New Game dialog.

What is the title of Track 1?

“You Belong To Me” Jason Wade.

What is the title of Track 2?

Soul ballet “Exotigue”.

Information from: Gamezer FAQS

9-Ball Rules

9-Ball Rules
1. Aim of the game
The game is played with nine object balls numbered one through nine and a cue ball (the white ball).
The aim is to pocket the 9-ball with a legal shot. On each shot the first ball the cue ball contacts must be the lowest-numbered ball on the table, but the balls need not be pocketed in order.
2. Opening break
The object balls are racked in a diamond shape, with the one ball at the top of the diamond and on the foot spot, the 9-ball in the center of the diamond, and the other balls in random order.
The game begins with the cue ball in hand behind the head string.
3. Play & Win
A player is entitled to continue shooting until he fails to legally pocket a ball. It is no foul if he fails but then the opposing player is next.
A player has to complete one shot in 60 seconds, otherwise a foul is called, and incoming player gets cue ball in hand.
If the 9-ball is pocketed by a foul shot then the 9-ball is respotted.

4. Fouls
Bad hit – If the first object ball contacted by the cue ball is not the lowest-numbered ball on the table.
No rail – If no object ball is pocketed and neither the cue ball, nor any numbered ball hits the rail.
Scratch – The cue ball is pocketed.
Timeout – The shot is not completed in 60 seconds.
After a foul shot the incoming player has the cue ball in hand; he can place it anywhere on the table (not necessarily behind the head string).

5. Losing the game
If a player fouls three consecutive times on three successive shots without making an intervening legal shot he loses the game.

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