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Topic Review (Newest First)
MaX_Man what's up
buddybird Hi ya
how can i go to tables???
handsaaaa :D
[email protected] hiii

[email protected] hi y gma3a aD5ool el room ezay y 4bab
naseerawanfbr hello any body want to play game with me
irtazaansari i want to play
Qosimo Please any one help me how can i Play Where are the rooooooooooooms ?
bakre007 hi
mimi0102 how am i sepose to play this thing
meedo_2011 hi
alwadi11 hi frends
Fafi Alaoui Hi i'm new in this forum can you help me I wont to play with some one
ziko_lighto Hi i'm new in this ferum can you help me I wont to play with some one
eid123 dtyht
missnanach how can i play this gam??????????
monir2604 How can I go to play rooms?
monir2604 can you tell me how can play pool?
monir2604 he
bin_thani hi ,
how can i go to play rooms??
shico ! hi i need help
how can i go to play rooms ?
how can start game ?
kgnk1997 hi
zeyad cr7 hiiii how can I start the game
maya w bass billard
maya w bass hi
youssefzi hi
toto-b hi
red_x hi
sabah_naif hi
joje hii shAa5barkm?
OfSpRinGunDer PéaCe
Nos Eh
heloufir salut tt le monde je suis nouveau qlqun peut maider je sais po ou aller pour jouer.

hi every body im new here someone can please help me to play pool.



DrDude how to play here ?
black wolf halooooo
shoaib hi
sokobiso Hiiiiiiiiiiiii
anwar hi slt
boet13 salut
Tiesto512 hi there every body...plz could someone tell me hot to start playing billiard
Tiesto512 hi there every body
bomfunk hi i wanna to ply with strongest


ammarmaya dear admin
greetins for you and for all here
i waiting for your replay about my message
i hope you accepted me
then i will help this site with respcted for you
and make more things for it
best wishes dear
ammarmaya ok just tell me which kind u want gonna play am then tell you how to play
best wishes
talla hiii...could someone tell me how can i start playing billiards? plz????
ammarmaya dear admin how can i be spotted in gamzer with kindly regards for u i will be very respectd for u please help me about this
ammarmaya hi admin can i be help to make gamzer great and more usefull

aji nta maroki aji la3bo ana wayak

SS_ScorpionD2_SS hi !
hassanqr hey sumone help uss guysss.... how to get into the room???
tamerjame hi
abua9eel hi
krish hi
how can we play with old version of gamezer
that page is with error 404
nissou97 how to play ?
chikarto79 hihiihihihi
chefo hi
sanhouri ha???
hollow man hiIiIiI
amrooo هاااااااااااااي
leban1982 any one to help me
desha hi iam desha from egypt
nissou97 how to play
qasem1234 how to play
a7la_wa7d hi
shijinc4 i want play biilyards
LLAPI kuje
ahmed852 hi
kimo2010 HI
Abzy28 hiii
how do i start playing
anrsaad hi, I'm anouar saad from morocco

what do you need help with?

i'm new , I want play billiard
iceboy hi
a7mdoo hiiiiiiiiiiiii
a7mdoo hii
miss you hi
tefla hiiiiiiiii
nanna ها واحد سلام الخوت كاين شي مغربي هنا
nanna hi
Lady-Daiana hello. plz could someone tell me how to get to rooms??
fire man1 sdywwgwgwgwwswefgtdefdytr5dfrt554f5454tr4tr54tr5rt5yrt5yht6yt6u
Cpl.Holako a7a
jilan how can i play billiyars here i don't know
hawa hii nadeen
ferro كيفكم اتمنى انكم ترحبوا في

Sethummer :D How do u play aND JOIN PPL ???
mishael hi hw r u?can we play
maretaw hi
boudlouz haloo

LucyGray hi .im a new member .. Can any one tell how to play billiards ? And how to go to room4 ?
Beret vert slt tous
Eye.lash hi
kingboy2020 hi
hamed_ghasi مسا الخير
حابب العب مع حد بلياردو
بس مش عارف كيف
الرجاء المساعده
Luna gimana nehhhhh
@ngel hi am an new how i cant play
shisham39 hello

ghost rider hi
gio22 yhu8weyr8u
mondino hi
@@@OMAR@@@ hi can i know how to get the rooms pleas
kilwa hhhhhhh
mm_mom i want to play billiard with some one how???
merri salut
wff msh
msh hhhhhhhhhh
kan3an how to play
3asheq eleel thanx
[email protected] 98 room
SilenceLover am new here how can i play
AbyHT I'm totally LOST when did the site change and how can i get to the rooms?????
and i used to have an account why it's invalid??
zabalansh hiiiiiiiii
Lelouch Help please I want play pool someone tell me how to get to in rooms
Terminator Any one From Tripoli
randivo080 hi every one
how can i start online beliard game


saudigentel hi all
psychédelik salu ss nouveau sur le site alors ke kelk1 m'aide a savoir comment on peux y jouer
sexy lips hii
mr3190 paradox r u OL
Meroalmeer hi there
zouaoui nabil win r ak ya rafik
spam85 a
scoby_abdo hello
aaoaao hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
oussama.m hi
oussama.m hi
the_great_egyption hi guys
hosam_koky hiiiiiiii
mounirwac derari berit nel3ab chkon fikom libra
3bo0od619 can someone help me how do i go to any room
[email protected] i am new can someone tell me how can i go to 1 room
Silver Hunter how can i get into the game?
mohammad jobran hi
any one here to play with me
boneco I am sorry new player but still do not know anything Faser know that and be stupid to say this but need help
Razan Hi all people , who want to play
princces of the romance hi
sumaraka Hi everybody
boo gigush aba sad xar?
HMODY JEEDAH hllo i want too go that roome and play how
mafi-like-me :)
net_top_net_a hi all
Dedo9 hay i am Dedo iam a new member
can someone tell me how I can ply pool online .. ..
LOVERMAN666 [email protected]
LOVERMAN666 ppl how I can play online ?
**AnGeL** HI
zee2009 salut ca va je suis mahmoud .nouveau joueure
KING IN The world


cloud hi im new could somone tell me how to go to play
hssine2006 اهلا وسهلا
hssine2006 salamo 3alaikom ca va
bestsites <a href=> </a>
<a href=> </a>
<a href=> </a>
<a href=> </a>
<a href=> </a>
<a href=> </a>
<a href=> </a>
<a href=> </a>
<a href=> </a>
<a href=> </a>
<a href=> </a>
<a href=> </a>
<a href=> </a>
<a href=> </a>
wildhorse how are you
ana elcool ha yal ma87b sh5bar

bsr tout le monde je suis nouvelle et je sais po vraiment comment puis je faire pour jouer,besoin d'aide svp é merci a vs ,bonne soirée

chochinette bsr tout le monde je suis nouvelle et je sais po vraiment comment puis je faire pour joueur,besoin d'aide svp é merci a vs ,bonne soirée
uae khalifa nice game thinks
Tote Hey
mounaim salut je ve savoire comment je joué
MOU 30 أهلا وسهلاً بكم
أنا عضوه جديده
أرجو أن ترحبو بي على طريقتكم
مع تحياتي
achbah hi
steaf86 hi
carragher.23 hi
triple X111 hi
DarK lol

where is the link for the game?

LostInTranslation Cr7??
LORD - .:Metallian:. HEY ADMIN ADD THE POOL FOR EL SALVADOR WITH THE FLAG PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lovlessman hey
can any one tell me how to play
el reem how do we play?
el reem hi
MoDy Eg how can i play it???
the owner how do u get on billards rooms
the owner how do u start playing pool
kann salut
mistake84 راني ماعرفتش ندخل نتعب يا لعرب كيفاش
mistake84 hello all
skrana السعوووديه ندااااااااااااااا
bouarganino salam
hannodi ho play with me pls
hannodi hi a am new user
divisipro hi?
FaLLinG.AngeL hey there
i wanna ask about how to get to play billiard online online with others and friends??
Chaos-Legend Guys ..a m new and need help .. where can i click to star playing ?
3adel how first play games please tell me
kimrachid please help me who get in the room billard
sofex hyy
mils hi my name's mils i need to met new freinds about this i send my msn: [email protected]
seraj hi how r u
mazoon thanx
kaka2008 lets play
modywin_022 hi
wes hi
khalidation salam ,,
amer-alsmt whear is the game
amer-alsmt مرررررررررراحب
M-wissa :s:s:s:s
M-wissa alors?
M-wissa salut ...!! je veut savoir comment je peu rentré dans les rooms :s:(
gogitastrong please help me... I do not know how to play billiards here...
torq hi im torq the best player
hani-10 whear is the game foooooooooooooool.
faris hi
khattabi_anass salut
khattabi_anass hiii
becem-ron slt a tt
makaymed hi ****a
leegend Hi, room 4 is between room 2 and 6.
The odd rooms are on the other side.
ENEA how can i play the game billiards

b_boy mégaman slt chi 7ed y werini kifach l3ab f lbiyar
b_boy mégaman hi
sofex slt hiko
sofex plaaaaaaaay???
sofex how do u go on the game to play
sofex slt jelly 08
sofex hy
darosse helooooo
donjwan hi
l3afrit-ja kayan chi had wala walo
l3afrit-ja kindir l3ab warawni alakhot
sssssss hi
mhmooom هاي انا جديد ابي اعرف اشلون ادخل اللعبه
totobad hi
gardam10 hi
holo vive le maroc

nomaira hi
abood9 how do we play gamzer
ahmed g
mich_tt hi im micha ma3rafchi ndkhol l had la3ba ok
mich_tt hi
TheGreatGazoo Can anybody help me with, IE does not find the page, why? How can I unblock it step by step? I do not know much about Firewals and stuff
TheGreatGazoo Anybody knows why the GAMEZER page is not working?
mich_tt hi it so good
spider_6 je veux jouer
Hero Hi
I wanna play

How ?

ballmaster365 how the **** do you play the game?
abmo somebody tell me how i go to billiardo
mk_soldat we can't find how we play biaillads!!!!!!!!!!
they have change de designe of the

help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

dr.chingy hi
f mustapha cava
abood44 how do we start a game
abood44 hoe do we start a game
x-mery-x lut
hassan10 salam

hi any one tell my when i can log in the site for playing

memjoe hi someone plesae help how do i get in to the rooms to play pool ???
mr-sean hey peaple plizz help me ho i can lay here im new user
thank you
hammadi hi
salas lwa3ar ho
salas lwa3ar ho
salas lwa3ar ho
salas lwa3ar ho
salas lwa3ar ho
salas lwa3ar ho
tim15 hi
al mushary hi any one tell my when i can log in the site for playing
The beginning of love

i need help

The beginning of love

i need help

The beginning of love ''''hellllooooo
speedy_turk <IFRAME height=800 width=800


c080239 é uma porcaria
dr.snop coooolllllll
SS_ScorpionD2_SS salut
leo hi this is leo,I don`t know why i cant login into & play game which i used to before,from last week i couldnt play,i get 2 the site but i cant get to login page which shows 3 man playing pool.plez help me how i can overcome this problem
alktbi hii
bigbob19851 how do i find room 46
duckyboy is there a pool game you can play, or is this a test where ive failed....i dont know what to do
hiko slt
hiko hello

am here

hiko slt cava tu jouer avec moi?
hiko hiiiiiiiiiiiiii
hiko aji nta maroki aji la3bo ana wayak
hiko slt
sinik Fucck you
sinik **** youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu asshole
sinik i wanna know how can i get to billiard shet fuxk you all
paki-thug-ahsan how do u go on the game to play
reema2007 i need help
A7la-Qammar wer teh game??????
tomfriend how do i get to play this game
anano hiiiiiiiiii

timbo_bimbo salut rpnaldo
jelly08 whr u?
dino96 hiiiiiiiiii
dragonman0075 helloo
kingloves3 i am sorry i want to say 10 room
kingloves3 i am new can someone tell me how can i go to 1 room
:.SofieUrmy.: hi how do i ghet on billiards ?
joecapri10 hi im new could someone tell me how to get to room 4
ayoubelmarsi haloo
mattchew how do get to where you can play pool?
admin what do you need help with?
anarchy68 hello, there are someone who can help me???
MR.A hi
admin hi
12jacko34 hi

A new Gamezer Forum opened up on! You can chat with other people about tips and tricks. You can talk about billiards and pool now! Visit the new forum now in the community section. Also check out the new free online poker forum.

Un nouveau forum de Gamezer s'est ouvert sur ! Vous pouvez causer avec d'autres au sujet des bouts et des tours. Vous pouvez parler des billiards et les mettre en commun maintenant ! Visitez le nouveau forum maintenant dans la section de la communauté.

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